Everyone has the need to eat right? Yes the sentence is everybody has a need to eat not swallow. Imagine a human being without teeth? How come one can swallow a piece of meat, chicken, walnut or almond? Amazingly true and logical so we as humans are dependent solely on teeth in order to take nutrition to or stomach. The main agenda of teeth is to make the meal edible and digestible for a person otherwise no human or animal can digest the meal just by swallowing (exceptions are there for example: snake swallows and never chew their meals). Talking about animals in order to add value to one’s knowledge, in animals Giraffe is the only animal who has exactly 32 teeth in his mouth just like humans and unlike humans a long tongue (in order to pull the leafs inside the mouth).

Furthermore, almighty has made animal’s tongue in such a way; with which if they lick their teeth automatically teeth get healed up and cleaned up. Now after listening to this one can easily understand the significance of having healthy teeth. It has been heard since long that ‘twice a day every day’, it is quite outdated now. There are certain myths which we will be breaking here today. 

What you do after getting up? Definitely use the loo and after that brush the teeth thoroughly; after all this has been inbuilt in all of us; to get up and just brush the teeth immediately on the contrary, it is so not true the problem is we ourselves are not used to study and do the research hard work. Instead of brushing the teeth after you get up; do it after having your first meal (breakfast). Whenever, we eat something the residual stored in our mouth, between our teeth gaps are the sole reason of having cavities in teeth. Try to avoid this habit and instead make this your habit to brush after the meal.

Change the tooth brush after every 6th week, there is no hard and fast rule in it. If one can see change in brush vessels, it can be changed no matter how many days it’s old now. Try to buy thin shape brush so that it can reach every edge of the teeth, instead of buying a thick shape tooth brush opt to buy a thin one. Try to avoid putting the tooth brush near 6 ft. gap from the flush, generally there are number of bacteria available in the toilet and to leave the open brush there for hours is truly not genius. Try to cover it up and put it away from the loo pot.

There are so many other ways to protect the teeth, but all these are external remedies you can make your teeth as white as you want with this new teeth whitening Burwood. Internally one can check the dietary habits in order to monitor the health of one’s teeth.

Dental Precautions

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