Fellows! Overall personality of a person depends on so many things such as: height, weight, nature, voice, hairs, body, skin tone and last but not the least ‘smile’. Just smile and you will look good for that one has to have that crystal white bracket inside the mouth called ‘teeth’. In order to keep the teeth health one has to adapt some very easy habits and has to treat them properly that’s it, it’s as easy as it sounds. Those who don’t want to spend thousands on Dentist Bondi Junction, learn some basic remedies which can be done at home very easily. Let’s roll on to some of the basic tips for teeth whitening:

Charcoal: activate charcoal is gaining popularity in the field of home remedy for teeth whitening, charcoal is one of the most inexpensive product which is easily available in the market, and is considered as natural when it comes to teeth treatment. As an antioxidant activate charcoal helps to remove those yellow patches from the teeth which are there due to tea and food consumption. It has been proven that charcoal lightens up the yellowish color to 3 shades. Take the charcoal tablet crush it to put it on the wet brush and apply on your teeth.

Power milk: it is proven that phosphorous and calcium is basic factors to recover to enamel of the teeth, even dairy products are quite helpful in whitening the teeth. One can increase the dairy consumption in order to speed up the teeth whitening process or just by adding powder milk on the brush with the toothpaste.

Baking soda with lemon: baking soda has so many others benefit among which teeth whitening is worth mentioning, baking soda does a great job at removing hard stains from the teeth to give it a little boost add vitamin C in it i.e. lemon which can significantly lightens the yellowish layer from the teeth. Furthermore, lemon has anti-bacterial properties which can kill the microorganism present in mouth. Instead of making a separate paste, it is easier to pinch some quantity of baking soda on the toothpaste and few drops of lemon. Most importantly, since it involves lemon and baking soda do not apply more than once a week.

Hydrogen peroxide: this is something technical and sharp, be very careful while applying it on the teeth. It’s like naturally bleaching the yellow teeth in order to get the desired result. Not recommended for frequent use, just take cotton bud dip it in peroxide and rub it gently on the teeth.

It is important to mention these remedies are not to be used all at once, select one and stick to it for 4 weeks in order to see the difference. Taking proper care of your teeth every day is crucial for these remedies to work.

Home Remedies For Teeth Whitening

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