Going to an OB- GYN is not a task women look forward to. The examination process itself is not all that comfortable and many women do not take the trouble to go pay a visit to this specialist unless it is absolutely necessary. Of course being pregnant will be one good reason to visit; however experts are of the view that at least a yearly visit is important. Let’s look at some reasons that back this claim.

Women’s health: having a specialist taking care of women’s health is a good thing and it should not be taken for granted. Many women of the past have succumbed to illnesses that could have been prevented with simple yearly checkups. A yearly examination should not be feared as it can help you take pre-emptive action needed to lead a healthy life as a woman. Not only will a visit to obstetrician norwest private hospital help you physically understand issues you might be facing, it can help curb certain anxieties as well. Click here for more info on obstetrician norwest private hospital.

Breast examination: cancer is on the rise and the environment we live in and the food we consume are all causing many illnesses like tumours. While you may do your periodical breast exam for lumps or other abnormalities at home, it is a good thing to at least have them checked once a year by an expert. A professional will be able to spot issues that you may not notice with self-examination.

Family planning: never before has birth control been important and just popping some pills are not the best way to go about it. There are many new natural methods that are being discovered and a visit to Westmead public hospital obstetricians can really help you understand the right method for your age. After all the methods you used a year ago, might not be effective or might not be safe now.

Sex: though a taboo topic in some cultures, talking about sex or difficulties during intercourse is not something you need to feel bad about. Infract talking with your GYN about any such issues can save you a lot of trouble and worries as well. You can also take your adolescent daughter for a visit to and openly discuss methods of safe sex and other issues such as sexually transmitted diseases. A child getting advice from a professional is a good thing too.

These are some of the most important aspects supporting your yearly visit for a pelvic examination. Apart from this if you are going to start a family getting in to the right frame of mind is important and discussing with your OBGYN the best approaches can help you go through the motions smoothly.

Why You Need To Visit Your OB-GYN

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