People today even after having so much knowledge and information are careless with their health. They try to save their money by not going to the doctor until the problem is severe and is affecting them in quite a bad way. People must understand taking care of once health should be a priority and as soon as one sees signs he must rush to the doctor before his condition gets out a hand. 


One of the most important organs of the body is the kidney. There are two fist-sized kidneys in the body. One is on the right side and one is on the left side of the body in the lower abdomen. These kidneys are performing some important function in the body. These kidneys have multiple functions in the body. These functions are quite important because these functions are cleaning the body. 

Functions of the kidneys:

The main function of the kidney is cleaning the blood and regulating the body fluid. It cleanses the fluid and the send it back to the body and extracts the unwanted liquid from the body. To keep the blood pressure in control this organ releases the hormone in the body that controls the blood pressure and it also controls the production the red blood cells. 

Problems in the kidney: 

Just like other organs of the body, kidneys also work 24/7. So, if we don’t take care of our kidneys then they can suffer greatly. Kidney stone in Melbourne are quite a common problem nowadays. There are several types of kidney stones. These are 

  • Calcium: These are the most common types of stones. There is the often made of oxalates of calcium. 
  • Uric acid: This type of stone is common in women. These stones are formed in people who are having chemotherapy and people with gout.
  • Struvite: This is the type of stone that is commonly found in women. As compare to other these can large and can cause the obstruction. 
  • Cystine: These are rare and can be found both in men and women. These are formed due to the genetic disorder cystinuria. 

Side effects: 

 Although kidney stones are not that harmful but, having stones in the kidney can be the sign of other health issues as well and if not treated they can move to other parts of the urinary system which can be quite painful for the patient. Most of the time people are not able to figure out that they have stones until they feel pain in the kidney or during urination. Often blood comes along the urine making it pink or red. So, if you feel something like this to see any signs then make sure to pay a visit to the urologist. 


The kidney stones can be removed through the surgical process. If you don’t want to go under the knife, then the extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy is for you. This treatment breaks down the stones into the smallest particle possible which then passes out of the body with urine. Click here for more info on lithotripsy in Melbourne.

Don’t Ignore, Do Extra Care Of Your Kidneys

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